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How to Have an Economical Wedding

Just lately I've had a few couples ask about how to have an economical wedding. Sometimes one partner or the other is what they like to call “underemployed”, and there may be no outside help with finances either. Crystal and Marvin wanted to have a full wedding with a full banquet following. They found they could do that and still invite nearly 100 guests by doing a Wednesday wedding.

All their vendors were happy to give a discount and they found that The Crystal Rose could provide the use of their lovely Hampden facility with full staff and a sit down dinner for a very low price. They did offer a cash bar rather than supplying drinks, which saved. Also flowers were minimal, but still lovely. We did a fairly traditional ceremony including yours truly in tux and top hat (see photo). Simply moving their date off a weekend allowed for a full wedding at a discount price.

I just got off the phone with the bride who loved everything about the affair. One guest remarked to me, “My weekends are so darn full, it was nice to have a party on a Wednesday for a change.”

Gilpin County Commissioner; Colorado Wedding Officiant

Rev. Dr. Forrest Whitman has performed weddings here in Colorado for over 25 years. He has served as minister to five churches, and excels as a minister for couples who are unaffiliated with any formal religion or who have different religious beliefs. An award winning poet and author, Rev. Whitman is a working journalist and serves as Minister of The Rollinsville Community Church, Gilpin County Commissioner and freelance writer with many publishing credits.

Economical Wedding


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